EASYIVY® the No 1 selling artificial foliage brand in South Africa

Providing ultimate and instant privacy

EASYIVY® is the only South African foliage brand that uses UV blocking technology with strong colourfast pigments to create inherently fade resistant foliage for interior and exterior use. Our products are 100% maintenance free and fade resistant.

EASYIVY® is ideal for vertical gardens, green rooftops, roof gardens, privacy walls, buildings, businesses, lattices and interior spaces.




EASYIVY® will reduce your water bill, requires no pruning or fertilizing and is pest free.




EASYIVY® provides instant privacy with no long waiting periods with up to 95% blockage.




EASYIVY® can be used for a number of different purposes and is a great solution for interior or exterior designs.

Latest projects

EASYIVY® artificial foliage has all the beauty and benefits of living plants, without the ongoing upkeep and maintenance. EASYIVY® is the perfect option for screening of unattractive features, such as air conditioners, or for unforgettable accent walls that might otherwise appear bland and unattractive.

Maintenance Free

UV Resistant

Easy To Install


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