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Creative Ways To Use Fake Hanging Plants In Any Space

Hung green and purple flowers on a window

Easily add charm and vitality to any space with fake hanging plants. Designed to be decorative, but also adaptable tools that can change any space. Discover the tricks of decorating with fake hanging vines, whether you want to create a calm haven for your bedroom or enliven a business environment. Learn about the endless possibilities […]

The Fiddle Leaf: Real vs. Artificial

Close-up view of a healthy fiddle leaf fig plant growing in a pot, showcasing its vibrant leaves.

Welcome, plant enthusiasts and interior design lovers! If you’ve been longing to introduce the lush greenery of Fiddle Leaf trees into your home but have been met with a delightful dilemma – to choose between a real plant that demands your care and attention or an artificial counterpart that offers hassle-free beauty, you’re in the […]

Ideas To Cover Vibracrete Walls

Lush Green Leafed Flowering Plants Adorning Vibracrete Wall

When it comes to outdoor spaces, vibracrete walls can often be a bit of an eyesore. But don’t worry! If you’re a homeowner or a business owner wanting to make your walls more attractive, you can use artificial vines and outdoor hanging plants. This helps make your outdoor area look better. In this blog, we’ll […]

How to Choose the Perfect Artificial Foliage for Your Restaurant

Elegant restaurant hall featuring large pink artificial cherry blossom trees and floral decorations, creating a lavish ambiance.

Is your restaurant feeling a bit plain? Well, you’re in luck because here at EasyIvy, we know how to make places look friendly and cosy using artificial plants, including artificial foliage. Today, let’s talk about artificial flowers and how to choose the perfect ones for your restaurant. It’s not just about how they look; it’s […]

How EasyIvy Can Be Used on Lattices

lattice with leaves

Urban spaces, often lauded as the epicentres of culture and modernisation, sometimes tend to be detached from the lush embrace of nature. As cityscapes rise and concrete structures multiply, there’s an innate human longing for a green touch. That’s where design elements like lattices laden with artificial plants emerge as a breath of fresh air. […]

Why Artificial Foliage Is The Best Choice for South African Hotels

Rooftop hotel deck with artificial foliage, greenery and trees

South African hotels, renowned for their exceptional hospitality, diverse cultural influences, and breathtaking settings, provide guests with a one-of-a-kind combination of luxury, comfort, and connection to their vibrant natural surroundings. The rich natural landscapes of South Africa play an important role in shaping the experiences that these hotels provide, and incorporating green elements into hotel […]

The Green Debate: Artificial Green Walls vs Living Green Walls

artificial green wall or living green wall

Many of us are investigating greener alternatives for our living and working spaces as part of our quest for sustainability and environmental consciousness. Green walls are one trend that has seen a remarkable rise in popularity in the South African market and around the world. These vertical gardens, whether real or artificial, transform spaces into […]

Bringing Nature Indoors: EasyIvy® for Interior Spaces and Green Décor

Lush accent walls Bringing nature indoors with EasyIvy in a beautiful modern dining room with a large wooden table and large windows

Green and Chic: EasyIvy for Interior Green Décor Ideas The beauty of nature in our interior spaces creates a sense of calm and peace. When it comes to incorporating greenery in our homes and offices, EasyIvy offers a beautiful and effortless way to bring the outdoors inside. When you use EasyIvy for interior green décor […]

Privacy and Beauty Combined: EasyIvy® Privacy Walls and Lattices

Transform Your Outdoors with EasyIvy Privacy Wall Design Ideas Privacy, particularly in outdoor areas, is a common requirement in today’s urban jungles. A privacy wall can be your best option if you want to create a private haven away from the outside noise or keep your family gatherings private from nosy neighbours. EasyIvy privacy wall […]

Transforming Your Space with EasyIvy®: Vertical Gardens and Indoor Green Spaces

EasyIvy vertical garden design ideas

Creating an Urban Oasis with EasyIvy Vertical Gardens The idea of bringing the outside inside has recently gained enormous popularity. The lush beauty of plants and foliage can now be incorporated into your indoor spaces. With the innovative use of EasyIvy products such as vertical gardens and hanging plants, you can easily bring the calming […]