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Privacy and Beauty Combined: EasyIvy® Privacy Walls and Lattices


Transform Your Outdoors with EasyIvy Privacy Wall Design Ideas

Privacy, particularly in outdoor areas, is a common requirement in today’s urban jungles. A privacy wall can be your best option if you want to create a private haven away from the outside noise or keep your family gatherings private from nosy neighbours. EasyIvy privacy wall design ideas combine aesthetics with functionality to create barriers that look naturally beautiful.

While providing privacy, these walls also act as a green canvas, adding a soothing visual appeal to your space. In stark contrast to the drab monotony of traditional walls, EasyIvy privacy walls evoke the serene calmness of nature right within your personal space. These walls, adorned with vivid artificial foliage, can easily blend in with your existing outdoor landscaping. Which enhances the overall visual harmony.

EasyIvy privacy walls bring with them the added advantages of easy installation and minimal maintenance. Unlike living walls, they do not require frequent watering, pruning, or pest control, making them an effortless addition to your outdoor area. With their year-round greenery, these walls add a consistent aesthetic charm to your space. They transform ordinary partitions into captivating displays of natural beauty.

Creating Beautiful Lattices with EasyIvy: A Work of Art

Lattices, with their crisscross patterns, have long been used in outdoor spaces for privacy and decoration. Traditionally crafted from wood or metal, these structures have found a new aesthetic identity with the advent of EasyIvy’s UV Lattice Range. When combined with EasyIvy’s artificial foliage, these lattices transform into green works of art, elevating the aesthetic quality of your outdoor space.

The flexibility EasyIvy provides is what makes their lattices so beautiful. These structures, teeming with lush artificial vines and leaves, can be incorporated into various outdoor settings. Whether used as standalone installations to screen off a certain area, or integrated into your garden design as decorative elements, they serve as an aesthetic barrier that enhances privacy.

Further, EasyIvy lattices provide an opportunity to introduce texture and depth into your outdoor decor. A dynamic visual effect is produced by the interaction of light and shadow passing through the lattice patterns and the vibrant greenery. The flexibility of these structures enables you to tailor them to any decor style. All of this adds an element of elegance and sophistication.

Experience Outdoor Privacy Solutions with EasyIvy

Ensuring privacy in your outdoor space does not mean sacrificing its aesthetic appeal. With EasyIvy’s UV Hedge Boxes and Topiary Balls, you can establish effective privacy while adding a natural touch to your space. These hedges and topiaries can serve as natural looking screens, blending seamlessly into your garden, patio, or even balcony settings.

EasyIvy’s outdoor privacy solutions are intended to go beyond their functional requirements. They aim to enhance the visual appeal of your outdoor environment, contributing to its overall aesthetic value. From screening off your pool area from the rest of your garden, to defining boundaries in your landscape, EasyIvy’s products offer an elegant solution.

These hedge boxes and topiary balls, which are designed to look like real plants, add a lush touch to your outdoor space. They can serve as a green backdrop for other garden elements, or as an accent feature in themselves. They add a sense of natural beauty and calm to any setting, regardless of how they are used. 

Enhancing Commercial Areas with EasyIvy: Bring Nature to Your Business

Commercial spaces, whether cafes, restaurants, office buildings, or hotels, frequently necessitate a delicate balance of openness and privacy. Enhancing commercial areas with EasyIvy can help strike this balance, creating a natural barrier that is visually appealing. These green walls or lattices make your commercial space look inviting while also providing necessary privacy.

Adding EasyIvy products to commercial spaces not only improves their privacy, but also significantly improves their aesthetic appeal. The vibrant greenery acts as a natural antidote to the concrete jungle, providing a refreshing ambiance that both customers and employees will enjoy. A welcoming environment often translates into better business, as it helps attract and retain customers and improves employee morale.

EasyIvy’s artificial greenery is designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. This ensures that it maintains its fresh and vibrant look throughout the year. This makes it a practical and visually pleasing solution for commercial spaces that require privacy solutions.

EasyIvy for Natural Privacy Screens: Green and Gorgeous

EasyIvy’s extensive range of artificial foliage offers an excellent solution for creating natural looking privacy screens. If you are looking to screen off your balcony, create a private nook in your garden, or even define space in a commercial setting, EasyIvy provides a green and gorgeous solution. With their lifelike appearance and zero maintenance requirements, they provide a hassle-free way to enhance privacy while adding to the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space.

The use of EasyIvy as a natural looking privacy screen is a testament to its versatility. Its ability to blend seamlessly with any design style makes it an ideal choice for various settings. From traditional gardens to contemporary commercial spaces, EasyIvy can create the impression of a lush green space, offering both privacy and visual pleasure.

Start Your Green Journey with EasyIvy Today

If you’re ready to transform your outdoor spaces into private, beautiful, and inviting environments, reach out to EasyIvy. Begin your journey today by visiting our contact page. Let us assist you in designing the perfect privacy solution that combines function and beauty. Make your space a green haven with EasyIvy.

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The trunks are put in a solar kiln to dry.

We build the artificial canopy on top.

The final product is a natural tree preserved for life.


Our manufactured trees are made with a strong steel core and covered with life like bark.

It is hard to differentiate from the real thing once finished.