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The Art Of Creating An Interior Forest

How we transformed a mall into a lush wonderland

We were approached by the designers of the Greenstone Mall renovation to create a sprawling, six-meter-tall interior forest in the middle of the mall corridors. At first, the idea seemed impractical, maybe even a touch crazy, but we eagerly accepted the challenge.

The project had many phases, namely initial scoping and design, sketching and modeling and lastly drawing out the final plans. At each stage the vision came closer to reality.

The project consisted of two aspects:


Numerous trees trunks with roof foliage creating the canopy of the forest


Large floating ring lights with lush ivy draping from the ceiling

The interior forest’s main objective was to create an interesting space for shoppers to navigate as they were trafficked from store to store. Having a sense of the natural outdoors brought character into an otherwise uninteresting space and leaves shoppers with a core memory of the mall.

The forest was created using 23 tree trunks, which were designed and constructed by ourselves and our professional steel manufacturing partner. The trunks are placed at varying angles to create the illusion of movement in the wind which keeps one’s eyes interested in the installation when passing by. Dense foliage is placed on the roof of the mail forming the canopy of the trees.

The floating ring lights surrounded by lush ivy are placed at the entrance of the mall draw shoppers’ eyes upward when entering and create a grand threshold, separating the dark car park with the vibrant mall.

Next time you visit the mall, pause and take in the beauty that is the Greenstone Forest.

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