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Instant solutions       083 393 4019     078 066 8980

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Amazon 1 m x 1 m



  • Easyivy is made from low density polyethylene (LDPE)
  • Easyivy uses UV Blocking fade resistant technology
  • Easyivy panels can be easily cut to any size
  • Easyivy can be used as privacy, sound and shade barriers
  • Easyivy panels are attached with either cable Fasteners, masonry nails or staples
  • Amazon Foliage has a 90% shade coverage


Warranty: 5 years

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Our real trunks come from sustainable sources.

The trunks are put in a solar kiln to dry.

We build the artificial canopy on top.

The final product is a natural tree preserved for life.


Our manufactured trees are made with a strong steel core and covered with life like bark.

It is hard to differentiate from the real thing once finished.